Conversation Evening: Are natural disasters our fault?

This winter the theme for our Conversation Evenings is climate change.  In October we heard from a representative of South Cambs on their plans to cut carbon, and in early December had a discussion about divestment from fossil fuels – maybe not the no-brainer you might think.

On Monday 20 February about 30 of us gathered in the Three Horseshoes to hear Bob White, a resident of Mingle Lane who is Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University, introduce the topic of how climate change exacerbates natural disasters.  Floods and droughts fairly obviously; but he also showed that volcanoes and even earthquakes are linked to the changing climate, often because of changing pressure on the earth when ice melts.  A lively discussion followed.

Our next Conversation Evening will be on the theme ‘Eco-friendly gardening in a time of climate change’ and will be at the Cox’s Close Community Centre, Stapleford, at 8 pm on Monday 24 February.  All welcome.

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