East West Rail consultation: 2G3S response


A small group of 2G3S members got together to draft a response to the consultation on the East West Rail proposals.  The draft was discussed at our planning meeting on 7 June and the final version submitted by the deadline of 9 June 2021.

While we welcomed the proposals for a rail link, the response did not endorse a particular route, but emphasised key 2G3S principles such as sustainability, the need to reduce emissions and protect biodiversity, and the promotion of non-motorised transport options.

‘(We hope the rail link will)……create opportunities for developing sustainable transport options through improved rights of way for pedestrians and cyclists, and by limiting motor vehicle traffic through small villages. We have some concerns regarding the local and global environmental impact of the project and look to EWR for assurance that sustainability has been given the necessary consideration.’

The response emphasised the need for the line to be electrified from the outset.

In addition ‘the development must also … create a better environment with trees to mitigate noise and visual effects, with open space and routes for cycling and walking to compensate for disturbances to both the environment, and local people both during the construction, and afterwards.’

The response also considered the emissions which would be created during construction and commented on customer experience / railway operations and infrastructure.  See here for the response in full.

Thanks to Dave Mohamad and others for their work on this.

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