Nature walk – Jenny’s Path, Great Shelford, 21 August


Despite the unpropitious weather seven of us set out at 2 pm to explore Jenny’s Path, which runs from Great Shelford to Hauxton.
At the start of the walk we heard the joyful sound of bells ringing for a wedding at nearby St. Mary’s church  A well informed local historian was a member of our party and told us that the path was named in honour of Jenny Morris who campaigned for many years to obtain a right of way for this path to Hauxton and led to its Permissive footpath status.  She also pointed out the archaeological site near the end of the walk where Saxon grain storage pits had been excavated.
We saw several impressive large Oak and Ash trees during our excursion and an enormous Walnut with immature nuts covered in green cases.  Also hedgerow plants such as wild hops, both male and female plants.  The latter were garlanded with aromatic bunches of flowers known as cones.  Early Autumn fruits were developing such as sloes.
A day-flying moth stimulated discussion on the difference between moths and butterflies, the conclusion being there is no clear distinction. Several species of slug were active in the grass verges and we discussed the ‘baddies’ which attack garden plants and also the ‘goodies’ which are carnivorous and consume the ‘baddies’ in addition to snails.
All were happy to extend the duration of the walk to about 4 pm.  The damp weather was not as bad as forecast and an enjoyable time was had with some connections made and exchange of email addresses.
We plan another walk along Bury Farm track on Saturday 18th September meeting at 2 p.m. outside the Granary.  Confirmation and further details will be posted on this website.
John O’Boyle

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