Pippa Heylings: Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity at a Local Level

We had a well-attended meeting, both in-person and via Zoom, on 6 September 2021.  Pippa is currently a Local Councillor for South Cambridgeshire District Council and is Chair of the Planning Committee and Climate Change and Environment Committee.  She is also a member of the National Policy Board for Environment, Housing and Transport for Local Government; and is Lead for a national Cross Party Task Force on Climate Change for all Local Government. This group is meeting with ministers in the run up to COP 26.

Pippa gave a fascinating talk and answered questions afterwards.  Here are the headings by which she structured her talk:

  1. The Urgency of Response Needed – Just got More Urgent
  2. LGA cross-party national Climate Change Task Force: the “ask” of Ministers in the run-up to COP 26
  3. There’s a Biodiversity Crisis, Too
  4. What can we do locally at a Local Government level?
  5. What can we do locally at Community Level?

Claire  has prepared some excellent notes, which you can read here.   Even better,  you can watch a recording here (it’s just under 50 minutes long).  Well worth the watch!  (Note: the recording does not include the Q and A session, but it is covered in the written notes.)

Many thanks to Pippa, and good luck in her campaigns for action on climate change.

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