Upcoming dates 2021

For your diaries, our proposed dates for 2021 are these, with a mixture of planning meetings and events or activities. It’s likely that all will be virtual for a while, of course. Check our Facebook page for information nearer the time.

Monday 8th February

Thursday 11th March

Thursday 8th April

Monday 10th May

Monday 7th June

Thursday 8th July

Thursday 12th August

Monday 6th September

Monday 11th October

Thursday 4th November

Thursday 2nd December (Annual Open Meeting)

Events we hope to arrange this year include finding out about local water supply, the Local Plan, holding a litter pick and running a fruit and veg swap on weekend dates, and arranging something around the COP26 in November (the international environmental conference that the UK is hosting in Glasgow). Various other ideas were discussed in our planning, so watch this space. We may also add in repair cafes or outdoor events when it is safe to do so.

The supply of water will be a limiting factor in the development of this area. It is discussed in the draft Greater Cambridge Local Plan. Our aquifers suffer from over-extraction for agriculture and to supply all the houses in the area, and it is important that we protect the quality of our chalk streams. There is a newly-formed group, Friends of the River Cam, and they have a very good video on YouTube called Saving the River Cam, by Feargal Sharkey.

We hope to arrange a date for the collection of old computer equipment for re-use or recycling, through a local contact. So don’t throw out your old laptops and cables, they can be useful to others  – not least the children who are having to stay at home during the pandemic but haven’t the means to study online.

A few things to do while you’re locked in again:

Try and shop locally rather than swelling the supermarket coffers if you can. You’ll save petrol, packaging, and keep local shops going.

At some date in February our MP’s next Environmental Forum is to be held, so if you are interested in attending do keep an eye on his website (anthonybrowne.org) or his Facebook page so you can register.  If you have a question you can ask it at the Forum or submit it in advance.  It is helpful to us if you can also send a copy to us at the usual address ( )

You may have seen that Chris Packham has launched a petition to stop HS2 (HS2 petition will find it on Google). The case for it is weakened as more people will continue to work from home longer-term, at least some days a week (same as for the Busway closer to home…). If you want more information about the damage to nature before you sign, see the Woodland Trust’s website.

If you are interested in green matters and the environment, send an email to to sign up for our newsletter, ask a question,  or to join in any of our meetings. Also see our Facebook page.

Helen Hale

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