Computer recycling – take by Friday 16 April

A message from Mike Nettleton in Great Shelford:

We’ve arranged for unwanted computer hardware (PCs, laptops, printers, monitors, etc.) to be collected for recycling on 16 April.  This will be the last collection for a few months. We can also now take mobile phones again. Recycling is done by Recycle-Computers (, based in Watford. They refurbish PCs, monitors, printers, etc. and then give the hardware to schools, charities, etc. which don’t need/can’t afford new equipment. Anything which can’t be used is WEEE recycled. They have been recycling in the area since the early 2000s, initially as a result of an initiative by the former vicar of Great Shelford, Mike Goater.  Please dig out any computer hardware that you no longer need and/or is broken and either drop it round to me or give me a ring. In March we filled a Transit van with old hardware. No photos this time – we were all totally knackered from loading it!

Just as a reminder – we also recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones. Where they have economic value, they are recycled through Recycle4Charity, who then make a contribution to Tommy’s (the premature birth charity): Where the cartridges have no economic value, they are recycled through the manufacturers own recycling scheme. Again, please just drop any old cartridges round.

Since the start of the year we’ve had a major push (with the Great Shelford Parochial Charities and COVID support group) to provide laptops to children for home schooling. We’ve had over 110 laptops donated; over 20 of those have been usable and have been donated to local schools and individual children. Those which are too old, broken or whatever will be properly recycled, so nothing goes to landfill. Every machine (whether usable or not) has been wiped and those which are usable have been upgraded to the latest version of Windows and had office and video/music software installed at no cost to the schools or individual children.

Thanks to everyone for your support with this.

 Mike Nettleton
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T 01223 721366
M 07905 356468
F 0870 161 9450

From 2G3S: if anyone feels they could help with collecting or storing items, please get in touch with us at greengroupssss

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