What next after coronavirus: conversations about ‘The Flip’

People might remember the 2009 film ‘The Age of Stupid’, an independent film which looked at how we were ignoring the signs of the impending climate crisis.

Franny Armstrong, who directed the film, is now making a series of videos in which leading thinkers discuss how we can ‘flip’ from corona virus to climate safety in just a few years.

In the first of these conversations, hear George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas and Faiza Shaheen discuss what is ‘the flip’, what they would like to see flip, how to make good flips stick, what the dangers are and what happens next. About 45 minutes.

‘Local Futures’ and the coronavirus epidemic

Local Futures is the organisation which made the film ‘The Economics of Happiness’ which we showed a few years ago.  Their mission is ‘to renew ecological, social and spiritual well-being by promoting a systemic shift towards economic localization.’  It is possible to subscribe to a weekly email with interesting articles,  blogs etc

They have recently published several items relating to the coronavirus epidemic.   They are quite short, easy to read, and full of good ideas.  See for example

5 ways coronavirus could help humanity survive the ecological crisis


Comparative Resilience: 8 Principles for Post-COVID Reconstruction



Pioneering WaterWorks project on the Fens

Water Works is a two year project aiming to look at ways to develop a more sustainable future for fenland resources – its soil, water and people. The project is trialing new farming methods designed to protect our precious peat soils and water resources, by using new science and technology to develop and monitor these techniques and by applying for UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status to support and unite people to create a thriving fenland economy and countryside.

The grant-funded project is managed by a partnership between the Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire; Cambridgeshire ACRE; The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; and the University of East London.

For more info read the blog here

and for the latest on how they will introduce the amazing sphagnum moss and other plants, read here