Plastic-Free July

Plastic Free July is a campaign to get people to sign up to a pledge to use less plastic (especially single-use plastic) for July (and hopefully longer).  The website includes lots of resources and ideas of how to reduce plastic use.


Apart from committing to using less plastic, we are suggesting that for PF July, 2G3S supporters might also like to help raise awareness of the campaign, and share some ideas for reducing plastic use, by hanging “labels” around our villages. The labels could include pictures with messages and signposts to Plastic Free July resources.  The aim is to take inspiration from ‘Craftivism’ to raise awareness in a passive, non-aggressive way.


Towards the end of June, we’ll make labels to hang on, for example, trees in the front garden, our gateposts, nearby benches, lampposts, railings, public places, etc etc  – the more the merrier.  We want them to catch people’s eye and get them to stop and look, and be inspired to find out more.


To start you off, here  and here are some examples of pictures and captions for your labels (the first are photos, the second are whale drawings).  At its simplest, you can print them off, cut up and stick the back of a picture to the back of a caption, and then hang them up in a place of your choosing.  Or if you or your family have an artistic bent, feel free to apply your craft skills to colour in, write beautifully/stencil on luggage labels or card, draw pictures, or even embroider messages if you want to – but please don’t use any plastic!


Please take photos of your labels and where you’ve hung them, put on social media if you use it, and send your pictures to 2G3S.  We will put them on local social media and our website, and in local magazines, and perhaps send them to our MP to increase the reach of the messages.


At the end of July please take your labels down!  We can’t be seen to be adding to the litter problem.  If in the meantime you notice your labels getting tatty/falling off, it would be great if you could refresh them.


There are also email signatures, social media logos etc on the PF July website if you would like to use them.


Thank you


Helen and Claire

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